Where students come first!


Peebles Elementary School is committed to academic excellence & strengthening character through quality education.


  • All children can learn
  • Children need to be taught to be responsibly independent (responsible for self)
  • We must all strive to produce a caring, friendly, and safe environment
  • Teamwork by everyone is essential to creating an effective school
  • Children are our most important asset, and their needs should be considered first (child centered)
  • Children need to be taught to be effectively interdependent (work together)
  • Following character principles (i.e., trustworthiness, service, respect, caring, etc.) is essential to the fulfillment of our mission
  • Actions have consequences, and everyone must accept responsibility for his/her actions and the resulting consequences
  • School facilities, equipment, and instructional tools must be provided to support a quality education
  • People are more important than things, and should be treated in that manner
  • The people involved in the problem need to be a part of the solution process
  • Customer service (seeing and meeting the needs of people) is an important part of our culture

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