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Honors Readers

This page is dedicated to those students who have earned the outstanding award of Honors Reader in the Accelerated Reader Program at Peebles Elementary School. In order to become an Honors Reader, a student must certify in 7 previous levels that include books that in some cases are written on a 10th grade and above reading level. Then they must read from a teacher-selected list of classic books, and finally, total 100 points on those books. Four plaques honoring these students hang in the main hallway of our building. We consider it an honor to recognize these students for their tremendous effort and hard work.

Shaelin Trantow May-17
Lily Trantow May-17
Kayley Edmisten May-17
Darby Mills May-17
MaRhea Unger May-17
Isabella Crum May-17
Grace Robertson Mar-17
Nicholas Seas Mar-17
Lydia Phipps Feb-17
Payton Johnson Feb-17 *
Elijah Calhoon Nov-16 *
Isabelle Scott Oct-16 *
Annalisse Calhoun May-16
Isabelle Scott Mar-16 *
Payton Johnson Feb-16
Lacey Camp Oct-15 *
Brett Ferguson May-15
Isabelle Scott May-15
Ireland Akers Apr-15
Lacey Camp Mar-15
Molly Stephens Mar-15
Tyler Woodruff May-14
Tatum Arey May-14 *
Cassidy Huff May-14 *
Alex Camp Dec-13
Alisan Behr Sep-13 *
Tatum Arey Feb-13
Cassidy Huff Dec-12 *
Simon Gabel Oct-12
Alisan Behr Sep-12 *
Hope Kreml May-12
Kierra Stone May-12
Kennedi Newman May-12
Cody Rothwell Mar-12
Cassidy Huff Mar-12 *
Alisan Behr Mar-12 *
Yuki Ireton Feb-12 *
Jessica Henderson Feb-12 *
Molly Bauman Oct-11 *
Alisan Behr May-11
Yuki Ireton May-11 *
Breauna Shoemaker May-11 *
Kaili Robinson Apr-11
Gracelyn Kephart Apr-11
Cassidy Huff Mar-11
Jesse Baker Feb-11
Teuana Shoemaker Feb-11 *
Raegan Dick Jan-11 *
Amber Renchen Dec-10
Jessica Henderson Nov-10
Molly Bauman Nov-10 *
Yuki Ireton May-10
Denver Williams May-10
Jack Behr May-10
Kaylee Ferguson May-10
Breauna Shoemaker Apr-10
Molly Bauman Apr-10
Regina Clark Mar-10 *
Teuana Shoemaker Feb-10
Raegan Dick Feb-10 *
Tabitha Parker Jan-10
Kendall Kelley Jan-10 *
Taylor Alexander Jan-10 *
Raegan Dick May-09
Regina Clark May-09
Taylor Alexander May-09
Robbie Sizemore May-09
Jessica Shelton Mar-09
Kendall Kelley Mar-09 *
Josey Scott Oct-08 *
Emily Bauman Sep-08 *
Cody Ireton May-08
Kendall Kelley May-08
Charissa Tolle May-08
Chase Williams Apr-08
Emily Bauman Jan-08 *
Josey Scott Dec-07 *
John Thomas Penn Oct-07
Spencer Kelley Oct-07 *
Spencer Kelley May-07
Emily Bauman Apr-07
Josey Scott Apr-07
Levi Little Apr-07
Brooke Dunn May-06
Megan Thomas Jan-06
Ainsley Camp Jan-06
Mariah Phipps Nov-05
Tristen Phipps May-05
Hannah Greene May-05
Natasha Knoechelman Mar-05
Jacob Henderson May-04
Marissa Phipps May-04
Andrew Waters May-04 *
Amanda Schumaker Mar-04
Tarina Quraishi Dec-03 *
Anders Bengtson May-03
Andrew Waters Apr-03
Tarina Quraishi Apr-03

* Represents That This Student Was Honored Multiple Times!